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  • The Shelf of Movie Languishment: The sequel, Chip's Challenge 2 (not to be confused with CCLP2, or with Chuck's Challenge) was this for the longest time. It was completed, but the creator found that the trademark was sold and he would need to self-publish, which he couldn't afford. However, it eventually came out on Steam.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: One of the most enduring and talked-about rumors regarding the first game was the "Quest for the 6 Million", as many competitive fans tried to reach the 6,000,000 million point mark by speedrunning through all levels (not counting those with unlimited time, as the only way to improve the score in them is by beating them in the first try). Some time after the release of CCLP2, it was proven impossible due to the maximum possible score (known as the Melinda Score) being 5,977,740 points. It is possible, but very difficult, to score over 6 million in all four fan sequels. Chip's Challenge 2 makes it easier for having 200 levels (the first game and the fan sequels all have only 149 each).


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