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Trivia / Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman

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  • Cast Incest: Ryohei Kobayashi and Keiko Hayase, who played the twins Fumiya and Remi, dated on the show and later married in real life.
  • Dawson Casting: All of the main actors were roughly the same age as their characters except for Ryohei Kobayashi (Fumiya, the youngest of the siblings), who was actually the second oldest in the main cast next to Toshiya Fuji (Gaku) and six years older than his on-screen twin/real-life wife Keiko Hayase (Remi).
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  • Development Hell: A Region One DVD set was teased by Shout! Factory in 2019 as their second licensed pre-Zyuranger release. The set has yet to see the light of day, due to Hasbro's acquisition of the Power Rangers franchise and the international rights to Super Sentai as a result.
  • Franchise Killer: Despite the rumor that it was Chouriki Sentai Ohranger that nearly killed off Sentai, this season is the one that nearly caused the franchise to end, due to low ratings AND very low toy sales (likely because seemingly all the toys for this series were badly designed and shoddily made- one Five Blaster toy yellowed despite being put in storage for a year after having been opened once)note . There were reports of Japanese toy stores having scores of unsold Max Magma toys. Fortunately subverted when Toei decided to give the franchise one more season - and the next series ended up saving the franchise.
  • Name's the Same: The evil Gingaman team has nothing to do with the later Super Sentai team of the same name.
    • The Hoshikawa siblings are not related to Ryū Hoshikawa/Dyna Black from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.
    • Also, Five Pink is not to be confused with the similarly named ranger Pink Five from Choudenshi Bioman.
    • These Galactic Warriors aren't the same as the Galaxy Warriors, either.
  • What Could Have Been: Ryohei Kobayashi was given the role of Fumiya as compensation after he auditioned for an unmade follow-up to Kamen Rider BLACK RX.
  • The Wiki Rule: Covered as part of RangerWiki, and as an individual series on the Fiveman Wiki.

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