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  • Contractual Purity: Although it hasn't caused nearly as much of a stir as Daniel Radcliffe's appearance in Equus, some commentators and critics have been unable to accept notion of "Ron Weasley" using foul language, snorting cocaine and partaking in steamy sex scenes. Although we probably ought to have seen it coming...
  • Fake Irish: The English Rupert Grint and Welsh Kimberly Nixon play Irish characters. Averted with most of the rest of the cast, including Robert Sheehan and James Nesbitt.
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  • Playing Against Type: Rupert "Harry Potter's Bumbling Sidekick" Grint as Malachy. Not that this is his first role outside of Harry Potter, or even that Malachy is an out-and-out hellraiser (he's the most stable and grounded of the three protagonists at least). But it's definitely a new direction for him.


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