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Trivia / Charmed S3E18 Sin Francisco

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  • The 7 Deadly Sins infected:
    • Pride: Prue
    • Gluttony: Piper
    • Lust: Phoebe
    • Sloth: Leo
    • Anger: Officer Dean
    • Envy: Pastor Roger
    • Greed: Robert Pike
  • Due to their powers being tied to their emotions, Piper and Prue's weren't working properly due to them being infected by sin.
  • Lukas says that pride is the only sin that can't be beaten by a selfless act. This is proven true as every good deed Prue has ever done adds to her glory thus fuelling her pride.
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  • While infected with Sloth, Leo mentions that he's been vigilant for sixty years and deserves a break. Leo died in 1942, meaning he's been a Whitelighter for sixty years
  • Darryl asks Prue if she has a death wish, possibly foreshadowing her upcoming death. Prue also ironically states that she can't be destroyed when infected with Pride.


  • Shown Their Work:
    • Gluttony has usually been Flanderised by the media into being simply overconsumption of food. The original Biblical definition of gluttony is actually tied to any kind of luxury, reflected in what Piper does. Note that to be a glutton, the sinner must also be wasteful. Piper indulges in endless luxuries without a thought to her finances, and without actually enjoying the things she gets herself.
    • Pride can only be defeated by Prue getting saved by someone else. As pride's good counterpart is humility, this makes sense.

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