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  • Fan Nickname: "Bird" or "Yardbird" were the nicknames he was given upon joining the Earl Hines Band. Contrary to legend, he wasn't called "Bird" because of the way he played, but because of his legendary appetite: on tour, the band's car drove through (or hit, depending on who tells the story) a flock of hens, and the eternally-hungry Parker asked "Why don't we go back and get some of them yardbirds?"
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  • Follow the Leader: Played straight and subverted. Bird didn't lack for imitators, but the most original of his successors, such as Ornette Coleman, looked at the impact that he had on Jazz as a whole, and believed that they could never match the giant leap forward that he made with his mastery of harmony and rhythm without drastically changing the way that they approached the music. Thus, several subsequent movements like Free Jazz can be considered both Spiritual Successors and Spritual Antitheses to Parker's music.

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