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  • Ascended Fanon: His team with Val Venis had the Fan Nickname "Supply and Demand." At ECCWnote  Halloween Hell 2014, October 18, 2014, they were teamed up under that name, losing a Triple Threat Match to ECCW Tag Team Champions DTA (Daniel Adonis and Jordie Taylor) and The BBCnote  (Eric Locker and The Ladies Choice).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Wright was to return as Papa Shango, twice: first in 1994, as the reason for Bob Backlund's Face–Heel Turn, using his magic to corrupt him. But that was scrapped and Wright came back the following year as Kama. And again in 1997, but once again, was eschewed in favor of Kama, this time at a run in the Nation of Domination.
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    • After Wright left the WWE in 1996, WCW came calling where they wanted him to be a bodyguard for the New World Order. He reached a verbal agreement with them but never heard back from them and eventually, Virgil would serve the role instead. Wright was mad, but it did inspire him to create The Godfather character and making him among the few that was loyal to WWE during the Monday Night Wars.
    • In 1999, The Godfather was originally booked to lose the Intercontinental Championship to Owen Hart as the Blue Blazer. Unfortunately, it was at the Over The Edge PPV, the same one where Owen would have his fatal accident. Godfather would drop the title a week later to Jeff Jarrett.

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