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Trivia / Changed

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  • Approval of God: While Changed has many fan games since 2018, the creator was pleasantly surprised by Changed: Berserk a side-scrolling 2022 Beat 'em Up game made by Spanish developer SGymer, that flips the Run or Die from goo monsters premise on its head.
  • Creator Cameo:
    • Both developer DragonSnow and composer Shizi show up as one of the creatures in the credits. DragonSnow is a Ceiling Cling monster, and Shizi is the fox with red markings.
    • In Special Edition, you can enter a room where you see DragonSnow tinkering on a computer, spooking him into hiding under the table. Said room is shown to be the in-universe reason for the increased diversity and quantities of the latex monsters compared to the base game.
    • In one of the last aquatic rooms, a photoset can be found where a latex version of DragonSnow has his tail gain life and sentience, then absorb his mass to reverse them and turn DragonSnow into its mindless smiling tail.
  • Line to God: DragonSnow can be contacted for the latest developments and other projects via Twitter or their Patreon. The Special Edition is early-access beta and by supporting them you may download the latest version not currently on Steam.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There were originally going to be light-grey mouse-like creatures hiding in the walls of the Vents in the Special Edition. A later update changed them to be a family of red pandas. Despite being minor characters, DragonSnow liked them so much they became a Creator's Favorite.
    • In pre-release material, the Behemoth had blue human-like eyes and its body was visible beneath the surface of latex goo. In the game, its eyes are white and cat-like like any other light latex, and its body obscured.