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  • Dawson Casting: The teenage Rabbit is portrayed by 26-year-old Eamon Farren.
    • Conversely, the 20-year-old Conor Leslie was only slightly older than her character, Angie, who is 18.
  • Dead Star Walking: Most posters bill Julia Ormond as one of the leads alongside Vincent D'Onofrio, but her character is killed early on as a Small Role, Big Impact appearance.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • Jennifer Lynch was contractually obligated to keep the film a specific runtime. As a result, Lynch felt that the ending of the film was rushed in the version released to the public.
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    • Mary's death scene had to be censored because the original version caused the film to receive an NC-17 rating.
    • Lynch wanted the film to be called Rabbit, but her request was denied.
  • Fake American: The entire Fittler family (except for Bob) are portrayed by non-Americans. Julia Ormond and Jake Weber (Sarah and Brad) are English, Evan Bird (the young Rabbit) is Canadian, and Eamon Farren (the older Rabbit) is Australian.
  • Word of God: Jennifer Lynch considers the ending to be hopeful for Rabbit and he will not end up like Bob or Brad.
  • What Could Have Been: In Damian O'Donnell's original screenplay, the focus was on two detectives tracking down Bob, while the relationship between Bob and Rabbit was secondary. Jennifer Lynch removed the detectives (along with much of the violent content, including Bob cutting off Rabbit's thumbs) to make the film about Bob and Rabbit.

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