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Trivia / Celtic Frost

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  • Author Existence Failure: Martin E. Ain, who tragically passed away of a heart attack on October 22nd of 2017.
  • Old Shame: Cold Lake.
    • Oliver Amberg actually ended up getting fired for this album. Additionally, this album was intentionally left unmastered and is out of print.
    • More recently, Tom G. Warrior has openly denounced it as a failure and one of the worst things to ever happen in heavy music.
    • Prototype, a very rare demo that was intended to be for a Celtic Frost release, but was scrapped. And with good reason.
      • Some material from Prototype did see the light of day on official releases, though - "November" morphed into "Obscured" on Monotheist, the lyrics for "The Dying I" were repurposed for "Drown in Ashes" from the same record, and "Relinquished Body" wound up on Triptykon's Eparistera Daimones as "Myopic Empire".
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    • Although entirely more of a Creator Backlash, Tom and Martin seem to really not love their time in Hellhammer, despite that project's influence in speed metal and black metal.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Tom G. Warrior got to be the personal assistant of H. R. Giger during the artist's final years, after being a fan of the man's work for decades and using his artwork on To Mega Therion.

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