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Trivia / Cat's Cradle

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    • The Grateful Dead's publishing company is named Ice Nine Publishing in honour of this book's lethal Chekhov's Gun. Vonnegut was one of Jerry Garcia's favourite authors.
    • Joe Satriani also has a song called "Ice 9".
    • Susumu Hirasawa also has an album entitled Ice-9, and some of its songs also reference the novel ("A Pool in the Ruins" and "Nice Nice Very Nice").
    • A computer virus in the final season of Person of Interest is named ice-nine.
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    • The concept of ice-nine is also used in Zero Escape.
    • A Boston-based metalcore band took the name Ice Nine Kills.
    • Dan Mangan released an album entitled Nice, Nice, Very Nice.
    • The rock band Ambrosia also released a song titled "Nice, Nice, Very Nice", using lyrics from Bokonon's 53rd Calypso. Vonnegut was given a co-writing credit, and was quite pleased with the song.
    • Rayanne's mother discusses this novel and its concept of a karass in My So-Called Life.
    • In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night features a boss named Granfalloon, at least in the English version.
    • The SCP foundations SCP 009 is for all intents and purposes Ice 9.