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  • Edited for Syndication: Challenge TV's reruns of the "Snake Charmer" episode edit the offending puzzle so Mr. Chips' right hand no longer moves, toning the moment down considerably.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Whilst Challenge TV shows all episodes from the Carlton-era series whilst Roy Walker was hosting, the original run by TVS (from 1986 to 1993) will likely never see the light of day again, as most all of the TVS library is currently in legal limbo, and the paperwork for the TVS archives is supposedly lostnote  . However, episodes from the TVS era do exist on YouTube to be watched at any time, presuming that no one tries to call copyright.
    • Meanwhile, the original American version is presumably held by Warner Bros. (they acquired the distributor, Telepictures, along with Lorimar in 1989), but hasn't been seen anywhere since the original run.
  • Missing Episode: To go with the above mention of the TVS episodes never being aired on TV anymore, whilst episodes of the original British series are being uploaded to YouTube, some episodes are totally lost, though this would mainly be due to Challenge's original incarnation, The Family Channel, not airing certain episodes, mainly the original celebrity specials.
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  • No Budget: The final series saw the budget take a massive cut, leading to the stakes being lowered. For example, the players played for points instead of money, with the winner gaining a rather paltry prize of £250. The holiday for winning the bonus round could also only be in Europe, rather than anywhere in the world.
  • Out of Order: The first aired show of the American version was actually the sixth taped, slightly edited to remove the references to the champ's previous winnings. The real first week of shows didn't air until December (likely because of the major rule changes that occurred).
  • Production Posse: Art James and Marty Pasetta had previously worked together on a late 60s game show called Temptation (not to be confused with the crap pile of that name from 2007), although it was apparently a coincidence that this happened.
  • Prop Recycling
    • At least once in the first UK series, a Bonus Catchphrase was reused from the American version with only some minor color differences.
    • During Mark Curry's stint as host, the show had suffered a massive budget cut. This was partially shown by a number of catchphrases being copied directly from Roy Walker's and Nick Weir's own runs.
  • Screwed by the Network: The US version suffered from the crowded syndication market that felled many other shows over the years; the then-new Lorimar-Telepictures had an "insurance policy" in place for stations, Perfect Match, hosted by Bob Goen. And the UK version initially got screwed over by TVS' loss of broadcasting rights, only for Carlton (the replacement for Thames on London weekdays) to rescue it and run it until 2002 (though the move to daytime is where the series started slipping).
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  • Title Sequence: The 1986-1993 series' title sequence was created by a british company called Electronic Arts. Before anyone calls forward, that company has nothing to do with the game company Electronic Arts.
  • What Could Have Been: Wink Martindale posted on Youtube a sizzle reel for a potential US revival series- it didn't get picked up, though. Todd Newton hosted. See it here.
    • Before that, Pasetta had tried to revive it in 1987 as Puzzle Roulette, and again in 1989 as The Puzzle Game. Jim Lange hosted these attempts; the former may have been intended as a replacement for another Lange series, The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime and possibly as Lorimar-Telepictures' "apology" for cancelling the original series so quickly.
    • Apparently, Pasetta originally pitched the US version for ABC's lineup; however, they turned it down, most likely because they were phasing game shows out of their daytime lineup by that point.

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