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  • Actor Allusion: Like his actor, Jon Huertas, Esposito is a military veteran.
    • The writers are excited to make shout outs to Nathan Fillion's Firefly days and he has no problem obliging their requests, even adding in little ones himself when appropriate.
      Alexis: Didn't you wear that like five years ago?
      Castle: So?
      Alexis: So, don't you think you should move on?
      Castle: I like it.
    • In one episode, a minor character jokingly refers to Castle as "Jason Bateman". Castle retorts that their similar looks got him out of a traffic ticket once. This actually happened to Nathan Fillion in real life. A similar joke is made in "An Embarrassment of Bitches", where Castle is mistaken for Jason Bateman by some paparazzi. Castle complains that "this is getting old," much to Beckett's amusement.
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    • "Nanny McDead:" Castle reminisces about the nannies Martha had watch over him back when he had yet to discover his talents for the art of writing, for whom he bestowed a wonderful range of other identities, one of them being "completely irresponsibly middle aged women who instead of looking after me while you were acting like they were supposed to, instead watched daytime television." The upside of it all was that he "got the plot of (his) first novel by watching One Life to Live". Nathan Fillion's first TV role was Joey Buchanan on the soap opera One Life to Live. Subtly reprised by the episode, "One Life to Lose".
    • Erick Avari cameos in an episode centering around a mummy's curse.
    • In "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind," Castle shows a proficient knowledge of Chinese and mentions he learned it "from a TV show [he] used to love."
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    • "Headhunters" opens with Castle playing with action figures, the exact same way the pilot of Firefly (Wash) did. Notably, this is the episode guest-starring another Firefly alumni, Adam Baldwin, as - what else? - a gun-toting, ruthless gang cop. In exchange for allowing Castle to follow him on a case, Baldwin's character forces Castle to give him his brown coat.
    • In "Murder, He Wrote", one of the Portmanteau Couple Names Castle tries out for himself and Beckett is "Kate-ick" — which isn't that far off from 'Katic', as in Stana Katic.
    • "The Final Frontier":
      • The episode begins with Beckett approaching Castle to tell him there was a murder at a sci-fi convention. His reply? "Shiny."
      • Castle disparages the fictitious canceled television show Nebula 9, saying "Really? How is Nebula 9 worth all this? I mean, it was canceled over a decade ago after twelve episodes!"
      • Castle mentions he's a fan of good sci-fi shows, like Star Trek, Battlestar, and "that Joss Whedon show."
      • The main character on Nebula 9 is Captain Max Reynard. No small resemblance to Captain Mal Reynolds.
      • The "Silk trigger active return bolt laser pistol" from the Firefly episode "Heart of Gold" can be seen on the table of Benjamin Donnelly, the Sci-Fi tech dealer Castle and Beckett encounter (who, by the way, was played by Armin Shimerman, AKA Quark).
      • Nebula 9's astern (as seen as a blueprint on the fake screens in the fake ship) very closely resembles that of Serenity, the ship Malcolm Reynolds flies in Firefly.
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    • Played with somewhat in "Reality Star Struck" which guest-stars Gina Torres, who played Zoe in Firefly. Her character and Castle have little to no interaction whatsoever, and with the exception of Gina Torres playing yet another strong-willed woman, no overt allusions to the show come up throughout the episode.
    • In "The Squab and the Quail", Ioan Gruffudd plays a genius-level inventor, billionaire and all-round innovator. You might say he's a Mr. Fantastic, even.
    • In "The Human Factor", Jared Stack mentions the local Counter-Terrorist Unit. Actor Carlos Bernard memorably played CTU Agent Tony Almeida in 24.
    • In "Limelight", Alexandra Chando plays a child-star-gone-party-girl called Mandy Sutton. The acress' last TV role was a character whose name was Sutton Mercer.
    • Not quite an allusion, but in "Number One Fan", when Castle is shot and knocked unconscious for a brief time, he wakes up shouting "Cheeseburgers!" while sitting bolt upright. This parallels a moment in the Buffy comics where Buffy, under the influence of a "Sleeping Beauty" Spell, shouts "Cinnamon Buns!" while doing the same thing.
    • Actor allusions even make their way into the real-life Nikki Heat books:
      • A subtle one in the Heat Wave book: in the series, Castle's judge friend is played by Dan Castellaneta, better known as the voice of Homer Simpson. In the book, Jameson Rook's judge friend is named... Horace Simpson. Nikki even expects him to say, "D'oh!" when she beats him at a poker game hosted by Rook.
      • In Naked Heat, Detective Heat sends two cops off on an assignment. Their names? Malcolm and Reynolds.
      • One of the suspects in Heat Rises, the third book, mentions as his alibi that he was at home, because he had rented Quantum of Solace, and mentions that Detective Heat would make a good Bond girl. Stana Katic (who also plays Kate Beckett, the inspiration for Nikki Heat), played the Canadian intelligence agent at the end of Quantum of Solace Corrine.
    • In "Deep Cover", Martha is reminiscing about the night she met Jackson Hunt and they conceived Castle, during which, he recalls her playing "My Funny Valentine" on the piano. That song has been covered by, among others, Barbra Streisandnote , who is both a fan of Castle and the wife of Jackson Hunt's actor, James Brolin.
    • In "Room 147", Castle mentions how he likes "the weird stuff".
  • California Doubling: Castle is not filmed in New York, but Los Angeles. If you're someone who lives in Southern California (or knows the general L.A. area), then you can easily spot an orange Los Angeles Metro Bus just driving by in the background once in a while.
  • Cameo Prop: The catalyzer from Firefly can sometimes be seen on the set thanks to Nathan Fillion.
  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Stana Katic got to take on a Russian accent in "Deep in Death"; Russian is one of several Slavic languages she speaks in real life.
    • Jon Huertas (Esposito) gets a chance to sing in "Swan Song". He's pretty good!
    • As of "The Blue Butterfly," Tamal Jones (Lanie Parrish) shows off her lovely singing voice. (Said scenes are flashbacks imagined by Castle, although if she's that good in his mind, he must have heard her before.)
  • Creator Backlash: Castle's creator Andrew Marlowe, has discreetly stated before on Twitter that he is not fond of Season 8, and considers Season 7's "Hollander's Woods" the true series finale. He has also stated that had he known Season 8's "Crossfire" would be the actual final episode, he would have went ahead and written that episode himself, and the episode would have ended with an And the Adventure Continues moment, just as the Season 7 finale did.
  • The Danza: The background police officer "L.T", who has had some speaking parts throughout the series, is played by actor L.T. Tolliver.
    • Pretty much any background character that Castle refers to by name. According to commentary, Nathan likes to ad-lib it whenever he can.
  • Dawson Casting:
    • Averted by Alexis Castle as Molly Quinn is nearly the same age as her character.
    • In "Suicide Squeeze", a 17-year-old was played by a 4-foot-10 30-year-old actress. The actress did not really look at all like a 17 year old... just like a short adult. The writers probably realized this, because they played with it, making the victim's wife (and murderer) think the girl was the victim's lover when it was actually his daughter.
  • Defictionalization:
  • Dyeing for Your Art: In addition to the spoiler above, Natalie Rhodes used a complete makeover to "come closer" to Beckett's style, including using a wig to change her hair from blonde to brunette (neither of which happens to be Laura Prepon's natural hair color).
  • Enforced Method Acting: In the pilot, a scene was originally written where Beckett would question Captain Montgomery's wisdom in allowing Castle to be part of the investigation. When filming, the producers decided to remove this scene by having Montgomery bluntly shoot down Beckett's request to talk to him ("Nope.")... but didn't inform Stana Katic, whose look of annoyed astonishment is real.
  • Executive Meddling: Both Stana Katic (Becket) and Tamala Jones (Lanie) were not asked to come back for the proposed Season 9 in order to save money. However, the point became moot when ABC decided not to renew the show. And it's stipulated in Fillion's contract that he only spends two days per week shooting with Katic. It's only in his contract, and he's a producer, so... Speaking of Moonlighting, why is it that as soon as two leads get married in-universe that they invariably grow to hate each other's guts?
  • Fake American: Both lead characters are played by Canadian actors.
  • Fake Brit: "The Limey", particularly the Scotland Yard detective who consults in the case, is very clearly an Australian.
  • Fandom Nod: "One Life to Lose" is partially about the rabid shipping community surrounding a fictional soap opera. Many a Portmanteau Couple Name is used.
  • Filming Location Cameo: Season 3's "To Love and Die in L.A.".
  • Hey, It's That Place!:
    • Sort of. The warehouse where they fight the murderer in "Boom!" returns again in "Setup," with absolutely nothing to disguise it and several shots of the warehouse which are basically exactly the same in both episodes. Either they ran out of locations or the terrorist in setup used the same warehouse again. Lampshaded by Castle when he wonders why that particular building is so popular.
    • The hallway leading to the sleazy boyfriend's apartment in "Pretty Dead" seems very familiar — especially its distinctive square window.
    • They don't even try to hide the fact that the hangar they use in "Secret Santa" is the same hangar that was used for the climax of "Knockout".
    • Castle didn't actually go very far in his pursuit to retrieve Alexis in France. They use the same church in "Hunt" as the one previously used in "Always".
  • Hostility on the Set: There have been a lot of behind-the-scenes rumors that Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion were not getting along with each other and have not been for at least several seasons, possibly going as far back as Season 4. This was apparently so bad that it was the cause of Katic's departure from the show.
  • Name's the Same: Richard Rodgers: the name of one half of the famous duo of Rodgers and Hammerstein or the birth name of crime novelist Rick Castle? Not entirely surprising since both Martha and her Nikki Heat counterpart Margaret Rook was nominated for a Tony Award...
  • Old Shame: In the pilot, one of the first things that clues Castle into the fact that things aren't what they seem with the copycat killings and gets him interested in solving the mystery is that the killer is staging them based off his self-described "lesser works".
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Seamus Dever (Ryan)'s wife Juliana has a recurring role as Jenny, Ryan's girlfriend and later, fiancée, and much later, wife. The cast and crew have utilized it to very cute and very meta ends — such as creating a wedding website for Jenny and Ryan with the Devers' pictures.
    • Stana Katic's then-boyfriend (now husband) Kris Brljac appears as an extra on the season 5 episode "Death Gone Crazy" .
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Apparently, the reason behind Beckett and Castle's relationship troubles in Season 8 was due to fighting between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion.
  • Reality Subtext:
    • Andrew Marlowe has suggested that the dynamic between Castle and Beckett —specifically, a writer and his 'muse' going on to develop a romantic bond with each other— mirrors his relationship with fellow writer Terri Miller.
    • In one episode, Ryan is pressured into eating health food by his wife, and it has a bad effect on his work and health. In reality, both Seamus Dever and his wife, who plays his wife on the show, are already vegetarians.
  • Recursive Adaptation / Show Within a Show: Played with. You can buy Castle's actual novels in bookshops, complete with Castle's name on the cover and his "ruggedly-handsome" mug on the back. Not only are the Nikki Heat novels blatantly based on what happens in the show (as you'd expect), but one character in High Heat says he knows not to touch bodies because he watches this TV show with a hot lady cop and her writer husband. Heat doesn't notice or doesn't care about the odd similarities to her own life.
  • Scully Box: Beckett's impractical-for-police-work high heels help Stana Katic be in line with Nathan Fillion's height.
  • Stunt Casting:
    • From "A Rose for Everafter", New Old Flame Kyra Blaine, played by Alyssa Milano. Oh, and Sophia Turner, played by Jennifer Beal in the season 4 two-parter "Pandora"/"Linchpin".
    • The two-episode arc, "Tick, Tick, Tick" and "Boom" has Desperate Housewives Dana Delany as a federal agent. Nathan Fillion previously played Delany's husband on that show.
    • "The Late Shaft" features Tom Bergeron, who just happens to host Dancing with the Stars, Castle's lead-in.
    • Averted with Beckett's dad, who's just a regular character actor and even matches the photo shown in passing during the first-season.
    • Lyle Lovett as a member of The Men in Black in "Close Encounters of the Murderous Kind".
    • Adam Baldwin in "Headhunters". The ABC press release prior to the episode made gratuitous mention of his past in Firefly, the beloved but short-lived show with Nathan Fillion. Baldwin also did numerous interviews promoting his one-episode part before the show aired.
    • Another of Nathan Fillion's co-stars from Firefly, Gina Torres, appears in "Reality Star Struck".
    • Jackson Hunt in "Hunt", played by none other than James Brolin.
  • Too Soon: "Still" was postponed for a week, as it had a bomb plot, and the Boston Marathon bombing happened the week before it was originally scheduled to air. TNT had to issue an apology for not pulling a rerun of "47 Seconds" (which was more on the nose with a mass bombing plot) that aired that week, as well.
  • Troubled Production: In a vein similar to Moonlighting, Nathan & Stana couldn't stand working with each other, and would only do scenes in front of the camera. Whichever of the various stories of off-set behaviour is true or not remains a riddle for the ages. Most fans believe it only started getting bad after Season 4, because up through Season 3, the two of them were still doing joint interviews and promotional videos for the series: these abruptly stopped with Season 4.
  • What Could Have Been: Adam Baldwin stated at Dragon*Con 2016 that the writers wanted to use his character Slaughter in more episodes, but Baldwin's schedule conflicts with other shows (notably, The Last Ship) prevented this from happening, and Slaughter only appeared in two episodes, one in Season 4, and once in Season 8.
  • Write Who You Know:
    • Castle's new main character, "Nikki Heat," is Beckett. To the point that when Beckett showed up at his launch event, the photographers said "It's Nikki!" In the actual Heat Wave, "Nikki" has Those Two Guys on her team: Raley and Ochoa, usually combined to "Roach." And she's being shadowed by a writer (this time, a reporter) who pulled strings with the mayor's office to get himself attached to her. Named Jameson Rook. Except Nikki and "Rook" had sex in the book — Castle has less patience than his show's writers, it seems. Also, her black best friend ME Laney Parish becomes Nikki's black best friend ME Lauren Parry.
    • In the episode "Boom", the FBI and NYPD teams find an autographed copy of Heat Wave that says, "To Scott: Write what you know." "What he knows" turns out to be murders. Lots and lots of murders. The same guy also turns out to be the killer.


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