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Trivia / Carry On Henry

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  • Completely Different Title: Some countries added "VIII" on the end of the title when the film was released worldwide.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode: Barbara Windsor named this as her favourite Carry On film.
  • Deleted Role: A pre-fame David Essex was filmed as a debater at Speaker's Corner who interjects a comment ("I intend to!") when Lord Hampton suggests 'having it off' during the anti-Sex Enjoyment Tax argument. However, his role was cut from the finished film.
    • Others who had parts cut from the film were Anthony Sagar as a heckler, Brian Wilde as a warder and John Clive as a dandy of the court.
  • Fake Nationality: Joan Sims and Peter Gilmore play French.
  • One-Take Wonder: Sid James and Barbara Windsor did their dance scene in one take, having just learned it the morning prior to filming.
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  • Prop Recycling: This is the second time that Sid James has played a character that was originally portrayed by Richard Burton, as well as worn the same costume. The first time was Carry On Cleo as Marc Antony.
  • What Could Have Been: Harry Secombe was considered the role of Henry because the production team didn't think that Sid James would be available for the filming.
  • Working Title: Anne of a Thousand Lays.


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