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  • Bootstrapped Theme: The French and Spanish versions of the original series's opening songs were actually reprises of the Italian opening theme for the original Lupin III animated adaptation, due to the airing rights of both animes being owned by the same company at the time of their original airing in Italy and France.
  • Casting Gag: In the Latin American dub of the 2018 anime, Ruth Toscano, who voiced Ryo Ishizaki in the first half of the original anime, is now voicing Ishizaki's mom.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Tsubasa is often voiced by female voice sctresses... one of them being Yōko Ogai, Youichi Takahashi's ex-wife. Avoided in the latter half of the Road to 2002 TV series, where his child self is voiced by Kikuko Inoue... and his adult one, by Tomokazu Seki.
    • Like Tsubasa, Taro Misaki is almost always voiced by women except for the second half of Road to 2002, where Kosuke Toriumi takes over Satsuki Yukino's work.
    • Ryo until Road to 2002.
    • The Tachibana twins.
  • Executive Meddling: Takahashi has had to deal more than once with this. I.e., at least two matches from World Youth Cup were totally skipped.
  • Fan Translation: The series is graced with an extremely devoted Scanlation scene, a person who goes by the name Shinji has translated every single printed piece for Captain Tsubasa up to date, all by himself! (THANK YOU KID!) Some related merchandise like video games was also translated by Shinji.
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  • I Knew It!: Regarding the 2018 anime for Latin American viewers, the fans expected both the series being dubbed and with their original names intact, rather than changed, in this version. In a very interesting twist, not only both assumptions proved correct, but the series will also being broadcasted in Latin America with very little time of difference in relation to its Japanese run.
  • Long-Runners: Has run from 1980 onwards... almost uninterrupted.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You:
    • Almost all the games were released only in Japan, but Konami released an European version of the Captain Tsubasa game for Nintendo DS. On the other hand, this is finally averted with both the Tatakae Dream Team smartphone game and with the Rise of New Champions game, being the latter the first Captain Tsubasa console game being released worldwide, and in the same time with Japan, no less
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    • Regarding the Latin American edition, the opening was changed into a brand-new one, instead of just simply translate the lyrics. Oddly enough, the Japanese versions can be still heard if you use SAP instead.
  • Pop Culture Urban Legends: There is a popular and persistent rumor about the finale that stated that the whole series is All Just a Dream, ending with Tsubasa waking up in a hospital, where it's shown that he was run over by a truck during the first episode and that his legs were amputated since the accident. While many people have stated that they "saw" the episode, this is in fact, false since there is nothing to prove it as real (besides a poorly photoshopped picture of Tsubasa in a hospital bed): there are three anime adaptations of the manga (the last one being Road to 2002), the scene with the truck is exclusive to the first series, and the creator has been working in several sequels and spin-offs with the latest anime Reboot in 2018
  • Playing Against Type: Kikuko Inoue is famous for voicing older sisters, mothers and the occasional sexy villainess, in Road to 2002 she voices Tsubasa (as a child), who is as far away from her usual typecast as you can get.
  • Role Reprise:
    • In the Japanese version of the 2018 version, Kenichi Suzumura reprise his role as Genzo Wakabayashi from the 2002 anime.
    • Interestingly enough, Ryotaro Okiayu reprise his role as the announcer from the 2002 anime in the Rise of New Champions game. This is especially relevant here, since the game is based in the 2018 version, but the announcer in that version was voiced by Nobuo Tobita instead.
    • In a very surprising move, the Latin American Spanish dub of the 2018 anime has Jorge Roig Jr., Ricardo Tejedo and María Fernanda Morales reprising their roles as Kojiro Hyuga, Roberto Hongo and Kaori Matsumoto respectively from the very first anime adaptation.
    • Ditto for the French dub of the 2018 anime: Mathias Kozlowski (Tsubasa), Barbara Tissier (Sanae), Fabrice Josso (Wakabayashi) and Vincent Ropion (Roberto) all reprise their roles from French dub of the 1983 series (albeit with their original Japanese names this time like the abovementioned Spanish dub).
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: Road to 2002 was going to feature the real life teams showcased in the manga, but negotiations between FIFA and Shueisha were dire, so they were replaced by a Suspiciously Similar Substitute each (FC Barcelona became "FC Catalunya", Juventus FC became "Piamonte FC" and so on). This is speculated to be also the reason why the Road manga was not published outside Asia.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Captain Tsubasa Wiki.


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