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Beast Intersection

  • Blooper:
    • The Stinger of "Birth[day] of a Southbird" shows a Windows Update notification popping up while Southbird is recording footage for when Bird is at Katrina's fortune-telling shop.
      Southbird: "Well, Katrina, it's been another sucky birthday. I think even worse than last year. What can you do for me?"
      [A Windows Update notification pops up]
      Southbird: "Apparently you can update Windows. That's cool." [laughs and clears throat] "Well, now I'm just off-kilter. Shit. I can never recover from that."
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    • The Stinger for "Truth or 'Dere'" shows Southbird doing multiple takes for his gruff Kapp'n voice.
    • The Stinger for "Truth or 'Dere'" shows that the non-dialogue text "(introducing himself)" was accidentally added to Chief's text. Southbird reads it as "I mean, hi, I'm Chief" after reading the preceding dialogue text.
    • The Stinger for "Truth or 'Dere'" shows a glitch causing Chief's text to produce blank text boxes.
      Southbird: [Using his "gravelly Chief voice"] "Well, I guess I had nothing to say."
    • The Stinger for "Emotional Baggage" shows Bird accidentally removing some of the pattern used to make Wolfburg's roads.
    • The Stinger for "Emotional Baggage" shows various text-formatting glitches, generally involving text flowing out of the text box, sometimes going offscreen.
    • The Stinger for "TMI Day" shows Southbird misreading multiple pieces of text, much of which didn't make it into the episode proper. An exception is Kapp'n insulting Percy, with Southbird initially misreading Percy's name as "Perkin" in the outtake's version of the scene; within the main part of the episode, his name is read correctly.
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    • The Stinger for "TMI Day" shows Lolly's face becoming glitched in a way that Southbird didn't intentionally hack in and finds creepy himself.
      Southbird: "Oh.... Something horrible has happened to Lolly!"
      [Bird tries to speak to Lolly and no text appears]
      Southbird: "[beat] OK, that's terrifying. I don't know what happened. I didn't do that!"
    • The Stinger for "Freya's Fangs" shows a glitch producing blank text boxes when Bird speaks to Chrissy and Southbird joking about it, claiming that she's doing it to taunt Bird.
    • The Stinger for "The Doctor Is In" shows gibberish repeatedly appearing in characters' text boxes.
    • The Stinger for "Welcome to Birdston" shows a glitch occurring after Kapp'n's song finishes, resulting in the game softlocking with the boat in the ocean.
    • The Stinger for "Percy's Bedside Manner" shows Southbird having to do multiple takes for his Marshal voice.
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    • The Stinger for "What's up, Doc?" shows the game failing to display the text "Si, señor" (itself having "sí" ("yes") misspelled as "si" ("if")) in Marshal's text; the "ñ" is rendered as gibberish due to encoding issues.
    • The Stinger for "Pussyfooting Around" shows Southbird messing up the stereotypical old woman voice he uses for Grams; he ends up coughing during an unsuccessful reading of her dialogue.
    • The Stinger for "Santa Bird" features Southbird doing multiple takes for reading Shrunk's "My girlfriend is a real go-getter" line, with multiple consecutive instances of Southbird mispronouncing "go-getter" as "go-go-getter" when reading the line in question.
    • The Stinger for the "Kaostown" episode of Birdston features Southbird having problems setting up and pulling off the intro scene of Freya murdering Phoebe.
    • The Stinger of "Chief and Shorty" features two Chiefs onscreen, one of them being the player character hacked to be Chief, and the other being the existing NPC Chief, who's featured in the rest of the season. Southbird accuses the NPC Chief of "ruining the illusion".
    • The Stinger for "Escape from Kaostown" shows Phoebe walking around in KaosTown, despite her previously being murdered by Freya.
    • The Stinger for "Happy Birdsday" shows the game crashing and displaying a memory dump after Bird exits Marshal's house after the former's birthday party.
    • The Stinger for "Happy Birdsday" shows Southbird mistakenly referring to Papi, who went unseen in the main parts of the episode, as a cow instead of a horse, then correcting himself.
      Southbird: "I know animals."
  • Creator Backlash: Southbird isn't fond of how "Animal Crashing" turned out after seeing the results of later Beast Intersection videos' hacking work. He and Teckworks both call it "garbage" in the KaosTown Part 1-10 commentary and Southbird's playlist recommends that new viewers start with "Bella Aqueous" or "Birthday Intervention" instead. In the "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video, he further refers to the "Animal Crashing" video as containing "YouTube comment puke" and calls it mostly nonsense, despite it having a few moments he liked.
    Southbird: "It was purely random, there was no order to it, no filtering, nothing. Just... YouTube comment puke, everywhere."
  • Meaningful Release Date:
    • The 2017 "Birthday Intervention" episode of KaosTown happens on Southbird's birthday, May 20. His player character, Bird, also celebrates a birthday, with the party's guests being unimpressed.
    • The 2018 "Birth[day] of a Southbird" episode of Wolfburg happens on Southbird's birthday, May 20. His player character, Bird, receives a cake from Freya and Southbird suspects her of poisoning it, then a fortune-telling session session with Katrina leads to Bird changing appearance from an oddly dressed human to looking more like Southbird's avatar.
  • Name's the Same: Toby, a cat villager who looks identical to Bob, shares his name with an official Animal Crossing character, with said villager being a green and yellow rabbit and not a purple cat.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Southbird says in the "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video that he considered revisiting the use of random, unfiltered YouTube comments seen in "Animal Crashing", but thought it ended up not being funny, a sentiment he ended up holding for "Animal Crashing" itself. Later videos featuring YouTube comments are edited to make the text more coherent.
    • Southbird says in the "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video that he considered releasing another video using the intentional Translation Train Wreck seen in "Bella Aqueous", but considered it redundant with "Bella Aqueous" because characters kept repeating the same mistranslated lines. While the obfuscated script is still in place in "Birthday Intervention", that episode primarily focuses on YouTube comments while using the obfuscated script as a fallback for lines that aren't from comments, and later episodes drop the Translation Train Wreck aspect completely and use the games' official scripts for lines that don't use custom text.
    • Southbird says in the KaosTown Part 1-10 compilation's commentary that there were plans to stream "Birthday Intervention" live, as with the first two episodes. It ended up being recorded offline, despite Southbird still referring to it as a stream in the video. Southbird recorded it and every episode after it offline for the sake of editing out unwanted footage, from filler to content that's inappropriate even by the standards of the series.
    • Southbird says in the KaosTown Part 1-10 compilation's commentary that unused footage features Scoot sharing other villagers' tendency to say lewd things, but Southbird had qualms about using this footage, as he felt that it contradicts Scoot's more innocent Dumb Jock characterization from Vinesauce, particularly Mayor Vine. After having second thoughts about Scoot's inclusion, Southbird thinks it's for the better when he moves out offscreen.
    • Southbird originally had no plans to install New Leaf's Welcome amiibo update for the KaosTown season, as he was afraid that it would cause serious problems for his setup. He reconsidered during the mid-season hiatus, and Welcome amiibo acts as the basis for the season's second half, which features modifications to the update's new features, such as the campground.
    • Southbird says during the KaosTown Part 1-10 compilation's commentary that he considered having Harvey make repeated appearances with a random personality per episode, with the joke being that Bird doesn't notice that there's anything different. However, Southbird couldn't think of a way to do this that he thought would work well, so Harvey only appears as an "eyeless demon" retelling H. P. Lovecraft stories.
    • Southbird says during the KaosTown Part 1-10 commentary that he considered gradually making Bird resemble his avatar in the original run via adding to his outfit, but stopped at the beak and suit of armor. This plan isn't executed until about halfway through the Wolfburg season, which is based on City Folk instead of New Leaf, and Bird's modified appearance isn't seen in New Leaf until Birdston.
  • Word of Saint Paul: In the commentary for the KaosTown Part 1-10 compilation, "Birthday Intervention" continuing the use of the "telephone translation" script first seen in "Bella Aqueous" in addition to YouTube comments, rather than just the latter (which is the most frequently used of the two in "Birthday Intervention"), is brought up, and it's pointed out that Scoot speaks broken English more often than other characters. Teckworks provides the tongue-in-cheek explanation that Scoot is "speaking duck" when his text is in broken English.

Birdette's Satchel Creatures

  • Orphaned Reference: Southbird says Birdette already stole Hau's Raichu (now known as "Binytus") when stealing it from him on Mount Lanakila, but the previous time is never shown in any of the videos.

The Millennium Age Gate

  • Old Shame: In the "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video, Southbird states that Max Landis disowned the script used for the videos' text (Max Landis' Super Mario World), but used it because he found it amusing. In the PDF copy hosted on Landis's website, the text "This script sucks" appears more than once in large text.


  • Bonus Episode: Southbird's "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video, released in 2018, focuses on the Tomodachi Munger tool he uses to edit game text. The tool was originally intended for randomizing text in Tomodachi Life and later used to insert custom text, both in Tomodachi Life and other games, such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In the same video, he says Birdette's Satchel Creatures (based on Pokémon Moon) is his favorite of the non-Animal Crossing-related videos he did and would like to revisit hacking text in Pokémon games; this resulted further seasons of the Birdette's Satchel Creatures series, based on later games in the Pokémon series.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Teckworks drew Southbird's attention with fanart he did for Vinesauce Tomodachi Life, and was later hired to design the branding for Southbird's YouTube channel and social media pages. After making thumbnails for several of Southbird's Vinesauce videos, he started making thumbnails for all of Southbird's non-Vinesauce videos, and is the co-host of the original Beast Intersection season's Part 1-10 commentary video and the gameplay videos on Southbird's channel.
  • What Could Have Been: Southbird planned to upload another Vinesauce Tomodachi Life derivative using the Tomodachi Munger tool to insert YouTube comments (akin to the "Metadachi Life" video), but abandoned the idea after thinking he'd done enough with that concept and thinking the result wasn't funny enough. He mentions this in the "Southbird Tech: My Text Obfuscator Tool" video, and shows some footage that was recorded for the scrapped video.

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