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  • Synesthesia is a phenomenon where one kind of stimulus leads to another. Synesthetic people can perceive sounds as colors or feel that numbers have a certain texture or personality. It has absolutely nothing to do with perceiving people's state of mind as colors, which is quite impossible in the real world.
    • Actually, seeing auras around people can be a type of synesthesia. It could be caused by the brain interpreting emotional cues as colors (more on the ideiosthesia side of synesthesia) or interpreting pheromones and other variations of scent cues the body gives off depending on the emotions one is experiencing as color. There's also two flavors of synesthesia, projective and associative. One with the first type would see the color around someone while the second type would simply associate the color of their mood with the person.
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    • Outside of that, Canaan does make repeated mention of "scents", so it could be that she has a smells -> colors variety... and has a nose like a bloodhound.
    • Also, synesthesia doesn't work the way it is shown in episode 10! It is a process inside our brains, so if some device (see below) does cancel out all noise, it won't reach the synesthesiac person's ears, ergo, there is no way it can be converted into any other sense and do any damage, if it's Hakko's voice.
    • The explaination for all of this lies in the fact that Canaan's synesthesia is ultimately born from the Ua virus. Considering the other "Borners" there is not real reason why it would have to follow the same rules.
  • Active noise control, which cancels out all sounds, is a realistic notion, except that to cancel sounds in the entire facility, as shown in episode 10, it'd have to consist of thousand of sound detectors and hundreds of anti-noise generators scattered all over the place. And a huge mainframe to process the noise data in real time.
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  • Actor Allusion/Casting Gag: Before Canaan got involved in Shanghai, she had her problems during her early years as a hired hitwoman in Western Europe. Although back then, she handled a Walther P99 instead of a Beretta Px4. She also wore a red cardigan shirt on.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Osawa Moeria.
    • Sugoi Sugoi: Either just Maria as her Catchphrase, or the show on a whole.
    • Mino-Sama: By those who like Mino.
    • HIGH TENSION!: the badass taxi driver after his apparent Catchphrase.
      • Some fans call him "Taxi Driver George" due to his awesomeness multiplied by a few times thanks to Joji Nakata voicing him, who's also known as George.
  • Name's the Same: Maria Osawa and Japanese/Caucasian porn star Maria Ozawa (whose last name is sometimes romanized as Maria Osawa).
  • No Export for You: The light novel/manga adaptations are not available outside of Japan/Asia. Furthermore, the original FourTwoEightShibuyaScramble the anime is based off of wasn't released in English until 2018, nearly 10 years after its Japanese release.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Maaya Sakamoto is not known for playing characters like Al Sheya.
    • Liang Qi is one of the few villainess roles for Rie Tanaka, too. Same with Jessica Boone.
  • What Could Have Been: Back in 2009, there were plans for a movie adaptation. As of 2018, it seems to be abandoned for good.


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