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  • Approval of God - Just one day after Calliope's Update Girl was discontinued, another "Homestuck characters read Homestuck" blog, aptly named homestuck-reads-homestuck, popped up. Naturally, ASBusinessMagnet almost immediately endorsed it.
  • What Could Have Been - Oh so many of them in Calliope's Update Girl - Unreleased Stuff.
    • While the intention with the series was still to follow the Homestuck characters reading Homestuck and had not devolved into a plot with the Condesce, ASBM had planned out how the entirety of Homestuck would be divided amongst Calliope's Update Girl books and "leaflets", which match up with Homestuck's acts and intermissions, except when acts (such as Act 5 Act 2) are simply too long, in which case those are further subdivided into parts.
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    • Loading Screen 2, which would feature more backstory on the trolls and reveal where all of them live.
    • A Calliope's Update Girl thread on the MSPA Forums, which, even if it did happen, wouldn't be available now for obvious reasons.
    • ASBM's And I'm the Queen of Sheba statement was not in its original form.
    • Calliope moving out, which puts Caliborn in trouble, as she was the one supporting the household.
    • The plans for the characters to enter two Sburb sessions; one with the trolls (which would just plain reuse the planets they already had created) and one with the kids, the cherubs and the six (at the time) fans who had submitted self-inserts, with the Condesce as the supervisor of the troll session and ASBM as the supervisor of the kid session.
    • There being more than two memo titles for the memos that the kids, the trolls, Calliope and the fans join.
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    • Calliope and the Final Update - Aftermath, a deconstructed look at what became of the Calliope and the Final Update universe, or rather, the version of Homestuck within it, as Calliope and the Final Update became Calliope's Update Girl.
    • Loading Screen 2: The Current Version, which would have included, among other things, Karkat dreaming of [S] GAME OVER.
    • A project only known as "hcsgame", which would be a game, done in the style of the Homestuck walkarounds and Undertale (made obvious with the game referencing, but not explicitly having, a genocide route), that would follow The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2) as Rose reconsiders her options and decides to join Hussie to read Homestuck again, starting from Act 2, in a fic labeled as Calliope's Update Girl: Three is a Crowd but Two is Just Fine, which "hcsgame" would be a part of and likely open.
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    • Not in Calliope's Update Girl - Unreleased Stuff:
      • Calliope and the Update Factory, the very first story idea that led to the series, which would have been a Charlie and the Chocolate Parody with little to no actual content other than that in Homestuck and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory added to it.
      • The continuation of the plot of Calliope and the Final Update, which had two distinct versions: one where the kids are eliminated à la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and one where, after the entirety of the rest of Homestuck is read, an advertisement for Hiveswap (except the name "Hiveswap" wasn't known at the time, leading ASBM to nickname it "Spacebound") shows up at the end of Homestuck, Hussie reassures his guests to play Hiveswap and everyone returns to their homes as Hussie publishes the final update on 10/25 (which was also the date both actual Homestuck and Calliope's Update Girl ended with the credits and Unreleased Stuff respectively; though, with 1025 being one of the Arc Numbers of Homestuck, this is more probable than if it was a random date).
      • People roleplaying as Homestuck characters showing up in memos where actual Homestuck characters are expected to be, including Jade (mentioned in the Book One comments) and the trolls (mentioned in "hcsgame" in-universe).
  • Working Title - Before Calliope's Update Girl - Book One was revealed, it was jokingly referred to as "Calliope and the Final Update v2". note 
    • The second installment was originally to be "Calliope's Update Girl - Book Two", while The Homestuck Character Support Group would have focused on the Pesterchum memo and remained a side-story. There even is a cover and a summary to that effect, as well as a Title 1 style name for Calliope's Update Girl.
    • "hcsgame" has no actual title assigned to it, and whenever it mentions itself, its name is replaced with "{this game}".

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