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Trivia / CMC+
aka: Super Smash Bros CMC Plus

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For Trivia related to the vanilla game, see here.

  • Approval of God: The CMC+ dev team and the Crusade Modding Community are featured in the Special Thanks of Crusade in 0.9.4 onwards.
  • Creator's Favorite: The various creators of the modpack have admitted that a lot of the characters featured are based on their preferred characters/franchises. Lady's Sorrel is a special case, as Cielbami cites Wood Sorrel/Katabami, the sibling of Lady's Sorrel/Oxalis, as one of their personal favorites (to the point that they based their username off of them), but because they didn't have easily accessible sprites, animations, and voice-lines to use in a Crusade mod, the former character (who had a convenient sprite-rip) was made into a fighter instead. note 
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One idea for Olevadon involved them turning into a sentient hat. This would be later referenced with Enkeiko in Kreadian Funk wearing an expressive Olevadon-faced hat.
    • Olevadon was going to be resprite-ed, and his new Final Smash (summoning a horde of Olevadon) was originally supposed to feature the Olevadon shepherd Enkeiko, but the work has since been left on the chopping board since SnowyBraviary left the Crusade modding community.

Alternative Title(s): Super Smash Bros CMC Plus