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Trivia / Bunny Maloney

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  • Development Hell: The pilot was made in 2002, and the series' development started in 2008.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: An old description for the show in IMDb describes Candy as Bunny's wife.
  • Fake American: In the English dub, almost everyone is voiced by a British actor, and they do pretty accurate American accents.
  • Missing Episode: Taken Up to Eleven as all of Kabillion's official episode uploads have been removed/privatized from their YouTube, but someone fortunately managed to save some of them here. You can also possibly watch some of the rest (since cartoon sites share the same server, so you'll be given the same episodes no matter the given order) using the Wayback Machine on their channel.
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  • Name's the Same: There's also a musical band named Bunny Maloney. It's unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • No Export for You: Unfortunately, the website for the pilot is now for sale, and the only available version online is the original French version (as attempting to watch the English and Japanese subtitled versions in the website using the Wayback Machine remain unwatchable). No one even bothered to fansub it either!
  • Now Which One Was That Voice?:
    • French:
      • Corinne Martin (Charlotte)
      • Elisabeth Ventura (Candy)
      • Francois Jerosme (The General)
      • Laurent Pasquier (Stan)
      • Martial Le Minoux (Bunny)
      • Marc Duquesnoy (Debilouman, Louis Picollin)
      • Vincent Violette (Modchi)
    • English:
      • Jules de Jongh (Candy)
      • Keith Wickham (Stan, Modchi)
      • Matt Wilkinson (Bunny)
      • Phillipa Alexander (Charlotte, Secretary Octopus)
      • Walter Lewis (Debilouman, ROBOT)

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