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  • Acclaimed Flop: Despite positive reviews, the film's murder mystery plotline and dark moments possibly drove some Mormon audiences away, leading it to underperform at the box office.
  • Descended Creator: Richard Dutcher plays the main character, Wes Clayton.
  • Executive Meddling: When the film came out on VHS/DVD, distributor Spartan Home Entertainment gave it a bloody and grisly cover seen on the main page, despite the fact that the film is more of a drama with Murder Mystery elements. This was done so the film could sell in mainstream video stores. (Fortunately, Mormon bookstores got an alternative cover.)
  • Those Two Actors: Richard Dutcher (Wes Clayton) and Matthew A. Brown (Terry) take lead roles, just like in God's Army.
  • Wag the Director: In an interview, Richard Dutcher mentioned that Wilford Brimley was incredibly difficult to work with, which got to a head when it came time to shoot Brimley's character getting shot. Dutcher told Brimley that he needed to turn his head towards the gun when it showed up but when the cameras rolled, Brimley just stood there. Dutcher then compromised to have Brimley move his eyes towards the gun but even then, Brimley still stood still. Frustrated after multiple takes, Dutcher decided to play the killer (a prop guy was the one holding the gun previously) just so he could stick the gun at Brimley. When the take played out, Dutcher realized that what he was doing wasn't right at all, so he gave the prop guy his job back. Eventually, Brimley slightly moved his eyes and that was enough for Dutcher to call it good.