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Trivia / Bridges to Babylon

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  • Troubled Production: The album only saw problems emerge when it was time to record in LA, as Keith Richards did not like Mick Jagger's plan to invite outside producers such as The Dust Brothers, whose work on Beck's Odelay had impressed Jagger, and looping expert Danny Saber. Richards hated electronic music and refused to work with either of them. He even threw Saber out of the studio when he found out he was overdubbing guitars. As for The Dust Brothers, they ultimately only worked on three tracks. Most of the album was instead produced by Don Was, who had produced Voodoo Lounge. Midway through production, Was had to keep Jagger and Richards in separate rooms and studios. Richards and his engineer friend had to steal tapes to make sure a track was finished. Charlie Watts only got through the conflict by bonding with famous session percussionist and former Plastic Ono Band member Jim Keltner, with whom he would make a solo record later. Watts ultimately flew out of Los Angeles as soon as he was not needed anymore. By the end of the sessions, none of the Stones were speaking to one another. It was their last album for eight years.