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Trivia / Bridge of Birds

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  • Screwed by the Network: In a 2000 interview, Hughart explained that he swore off continuing the series following persistent mismanagement on the part of his publishers making it harder and harder to earn a living off it.
  • What Could Have Been: That same interview explained that he intended the series to be about seven books long, ending in Ox and Li perishing in battle with the Great White Serpent and ending up as minor, semi-troublesome deities for their services.
    • There's a reference to this near the end of Bridge of Birds as the Falcon is carrying Master Li and Number Ten Ox back to the abbey.
    Falcon: "I shall not say good-bye. The Raven has told me that we are destined to meet again, at the great confrontation with the White Serpent in the Mysterious Mountain Cavern of Winds. The Raven is never wrong."

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