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Trivia / Breaking Bad S 4 E 13 Face Off

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  • Actor-Inspired Element: Upon deciding how Gus would die, Vince Gilligan asked Giancarlo Esposito what he believed Gus would do upon realizing he was dying. Giancarlo stated that with how proper he is as a person (specifically citing him putting a towel under his knees before vomiting from "Salud"), he thought Gus would straighten his tie. Gilligan loved the idea and added it.
  • Real-Life Relative: Rebecca Simmons was played by Vince Gilligan's mother.
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  • Word of God: Vince Gilligan provided an explanation (during ComicCon 2013) as to what took place when Walter had Brock poisoned off screen.
    That’s an excellent question and my writers and I would always tell the stories to ourselves of the evil juice box man… who somehow… Our best guess is… I can tell you that the way we worked it out in our timeline he had just enough time to do it but it would have been very tricky indeed and it was improbable perhaps but not impossible. That he could have got in over once he got that idea you know spinning the pistol by the pool and waiting to die essentially, looking at that lily of the valley, contemplating the idea at that point… Uh I think at that point what he did is he kind of crushed some of the stuff up, put it in a juice box or something and then somehow snuck into, being a guy who’s a teacher, he knows his way around a school, probably got into Brock’s nursery school and swapped it out. This is kind of the inner story for how it happened for the writers and I, but it would have been tricky timing. He was a very motivated individual at that point; he had to save his family, that’s my best guess on how it actually happened.

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