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  • Accidentally Correct Writing:
    • This fic's version of Rose being an alcoholic actually predates the Homestuck canon version of Rose developing an alcohol problem by at least a year. When asked about it the authors said that they suspect that they picked up on parts of her personality in canon that would predispose her to addiction.
    • Brainbent's Bro Strider is an abusive, neglectful caregiver, mostly leaving Dave to fend for himself in an apartment full of weapons and sexual puppets but no food. This and the psychological trauma it causes Dave turn out to be almost entirely accurate. In early Homestuck acts things like the Striders' fridge being full of swords are played for laughs; much later, Dave admits that he had to learn from movies that fridges are supposed to be used for food.
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  • Ascended Fanon: The authors sometimes adopt fan submissions into the main canon of the story; mostly psychological pieces that don't conflict with existing background; but there is still a good chunk of canon written by Brainbent's fans.
  • Fandom Nod: The appearance of a No Celebrities Were Harmed alternate universe Dante Basco (with elements of Rufioh Nitram) as Tavros's boyfriend.

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