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Trivia / Bonanza S 01 E 11

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Trivia associated with this episode:

  • First Appearance: Of the watercolor prints, depicting typical 1850s- and 1860s-era scenes of the Old West. At first they'd be seen only with the closing credits; it'd be a few episodes before they started appearing with the episode title and producer/writer/director sequence (seen after the first commercial break). They were so associated with the show that they would be used until the 12th season (1970-1971 season), by which time the show had a completely different theme song. The title card, etc., sequence would continue to feature the watercolor prints for the 1971-1972 season, while the final watercolor print seen in the closing credits — a stage actress taking her bow before a curtain — was used for the final two seasons (1971-1973) as the only card used.

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