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Trivia / Body Bags

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The Comicbook:

  • Genius Bonus: The city where all the action takes place is Terminus, Georgia. A little research reveals that Terminus was the original name of the city of Atlanta. By this the reader can assume that Terminus is just Future Atlanta.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Mack was partnered with a young Japanese assassin named Noh. However, The Professional came out and Pearson got worried about similarities between Mack and Noh's relationship and that of the two main characters in that movie. So he scrapped Noh and replace her with Panda, who would be Mack's daughter.
  • Write Who You Know: Panda is based of one of Pearson's middle-school classmates. Like Panda she had big breasts and a standoffish personality.

The Movie: