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Trivia / Bob and Margaret

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  • Creator Couple: Co-creators David Fine and Alison Snowden are a married couple.
  • Descended Creator: Alison Snowden voices Margaret. Averted with David Fine, who did not voice Bob (or anyone else).
  • Executive Meddling: More like Government Meddling. The move to Toronto for the show's third season was mandated by Canadian content regulations, which made further funding for the show's production contingent on a Canadian setting. Fine and Snowden reduced their active involvement in the show as a result, as the show's creative direction was no longer their prerogative.
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  • International Coproduction: Between the UK-based Channel 4 (season 1) and SilverLight Productions (season 2), the American Comedy Central (seasons 1 and 2), Philippine Animation Studio Inc. (seasons 3 and 4), and the Canadian Nelvana and Global Television Network (all four seasons).
  • Name's the Same: This show is not to be confused with the erotic novel that Master Roshi used to teach Goku how to read in Dragon Ball.
  • The Other Darrin: Brian George replaced Andy Hamilton as the voice of Bob starting in season 3. Canadian content regulations strike again: the law requires at least one lead actor to be Canadian; George was raised in Canada and is a Canadian citizen.

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