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Trivia / Blue Gender

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  • Edited for Syndication: The Cartoon Network version of this anime for [adult swim] has most of the sexual scenes (and a couple of spoken references) cut, along with some gory violence and profanity (mostly "shit" and any variation of "Jesus Christ!" as an oath, though, oddly, the word "son of a bitch" has been edited, even though it is allowed at the Adult Swim level). It should be noted that Toonami was originally supposed to air Blue Gender this way, but after the episodes were found too risqué for a daytime block (yeah, TOM 3 is risqué, so?) the show found its way (edited) to Adult Swim. Considering that the show that preceded it was FLCL and that show was left unedited (save for a muting of the word "shit" on the second episode), it seems strange that Blue Gender was not aired uncut (or at least with a few minor cuts for nudity and sex).

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