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Trivia / Bloons Tower Defense

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  • Creator's Pest:
    • The Bloonchipper tower. Despite being a fan favorite, Ninja Kiwi has outright stated that they regret making this tower due to it being difficult to balance and that it won't be returning in BTD6. This backlash got to the point that one BTD6 map, Scrapyard, has the Bloonchipper make a cameo as literal garbage. In BTD Battles, for instance, the tower was very overpowered due to its ability to near infinitely stall MOAB-class Bloons, but when nerfed to no longer affect ZOMGs, it instantly became one of the worst towers in the game.
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    • They have also said they regret making the Arctic Wind in BTD6 capable of making land towers placeable on water. It always seem to produce bugs one after another every update, especially when used together with Carrier Flagship's platforms or the Support Chinook's ability to move towers around.
  • Dummied Out: In BTD6, all the bloons have fortified sprites, despite the fact that only Leads, Ceramics and MOAB-class bloons can have them in-game.
  • Meme Acknowledgment:
    • The infamous Slons Map submission is added as an emoticon in the official Ninja Kiwi Discord server. It was later added to the Challenge Editor under the name "Blons".
    • The patch notes for 21.0 reference the Transforming Tonic Alchemist being known as a "Cookie Monster."
    • Version 31.0 featured a "nerf" to the Glue Rat pet in reference to memes claiming it to be the most powerful thing in the game.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • Daily Challenges and Advanced Challenges are player-submitted, and each day in Bloons TD 6 one of each is selected. In Bloons TD 5 only one Daily Challenge was submitted.
    • To celebrate 50k subscribers in the BTD6 subreddit, Ninja Kiwi held a map contest, where users would post their ideas and one would make it into the game. Five finalists were chosen (Fireside Trail, Bazaar, Weak Ice, Cherry Blossoms, Geared), and fans got to vote on which one they wanted most. Geared ended up winning and was later added in the 16.0 update. Surprisingly, Bazaar also made it in for the 18.0 update.
    • Another contest was held for the 100k subscriber milestone. This time, fans submitted their concepts and ideas for avatar profile pictures, with multiple winners. They were added in-game over multiple updates.
    • 150k subreddit subscribers led to a user-created banner contest. As with the profile picture one, fan-submitted ones would later make it into the game.
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  • Orphaned Reference: The DSiWare version of BTD3 did not change its post-round messages from the browser version. One of the most obvious indications of this is that several hints refer to the Free Play mode after Round 50 - an aspect that was completely removed from this version, as all stages end on completing Round 50.
  • The Wiki Rule: Bloons Wiki.