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Trivia / Bloons Tower Defense

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  • Fan Nickname: From Bloons TD 6 alone:
    • The completion of CHIMPS mode on certain expert maps have nicknames to their own: for Quad, it's called either Quimps, Qimps, or Cuad; Muddy Puddles has "Cuddles" and #Ouch has "#Couch".
    • Certain crosspaths have now-memetic nicknames, such as "ANGERY sub" for the 3-2-0 submarine (since its window literally Turns Red while in possession of this crosspath) and "Dumb Sniper" for a right-path sniper with a middle crosspath due to its poor layer damage and general inability to pop lead bloons.
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    • Monkeys affected by the Alchemist's Transforming Tonic or Total Transformation abilities are known as "cookie monsters" due to their blue fur.
    • The Flying Fortress upgrade for the Monkey Ace has been dubbed the "Big Plane" due to its upgrade description memetically solely consisting of a single sentence calling the Flying Fortress a "BIG plane".
  • Meme Acknowledgement: In BTD6, the last Bloon to appear in round 5 of Alternate Bloons Round mode is a single Camo Regrow Red Bloon, in acknowledgement of the camgrow red meme.

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