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  • Outdated by Canon: Almost the entire fanfic is outdated. Naruto's father is not named "Arashi" and he didn't seal the Nine Tales in Naruto to kill it. Naruto's father is a redheaded woman named "Kushina", not a brunette member of ANBU named "Haruka".


  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to Richelle Mead's blog: "Originally, Bloodlines [The opening novel] was going to be told from a few different characters' points of view. It was going to be in third person (the "he" voice) and alternate characters each chapter. A few chapters in, problems were emerging from this (you've got to trust me on that!). I ended up starting completely over and simply doing the entire book from just Sydney's point of view in first person (the "I" voice)."
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    • Based on Wordof God Ms. Terwilliger was going to be a man to give Sydney a better father figure, and Mead considered pairing up Sydney with a Lee, who was human, but had the same dark past as Moroi Lee.

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