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Trivia / Blazing Souls Accelate

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  • No Export for You: It was the case up until the second update of the game for the PSP. Actually, no games in the Neverland franchise had western versions up until Spectral Souls: Ressurrection of the Ethereal Empires (Itself an update of Spectral Souls II) got a western version for the PSP.
  • The Other Darrin: Patrick Seitz replaces Yuri Lowenthal as Zelos' voice in this game. And does a marvelous job at it.
  • Zelos Debuted in Chaos Wars: It happens when Blazing Souls takes five years to come to the West.
    • Snow's case may be even worse, as she appeared on the same game while Spectral Force 2 never saw the West. Good thing she's a major character in Blazing Souls.

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