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Trivia / Blank Check with Griffin & David

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  • Creator Backlash:
    • Griffin's pick for the worst episode of the show is their one on Amistad. He thought that they ultimately didn't have much to say on it, making it one of their more uneventful recordings. It's noticeably the shortest episode of the Spielberg miniseries, at only 1 hour and 9 minutes. Griffin also admitted with some embarrassment that he did a bit in the episode that was so bad that Ben had to actually omit it from the episode "for [his] protection".
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    • David's least-favorite episode is The Podcastic Two (their episode on all of the Fantastic Four films up to that point - The Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four (2005), Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four (2015)). He feels that as their second non-Star Wars episode after Judging the Judge, it suffers from a Sophomore Slump in comparison due to the conversation feeling too constricted by the need to talk about all four films in a single episode.
  • Creator's Favorite Episode:
    • Griffin admitted that the episode he listens back to the most and recommends often to people is their discussion on The Judge, in part because he considers it the Rosetta Stone for what the podcast would become while they were still in the middle of talking about the Prequel Trilogy - it features them analyzing the filmography of Robert Downey Jr.. up to that point, how Downey's clout helped to get the movie made, and what about his career at that moment helped to inform its production. It was also the first time they limited themselves to talking about one movie for just one episode, keeping things focused. He's also remarkably proud of the "Judging the Judge" theme song.
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    • David's favorite episode is the one they did on The Matrix Reloaded, finding it to be a very fun one to re-listen to and saying that it shows how far the podcast had come after they fully committed to the actual Blank Check era.
    • David said that the Christopher Nolan miniseries might be the show's best one, with Griffin noting that it is at the very least their most popular one in terms of downloads.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • James Urbaniak was set to appear on The Happening episode but scheduling ended up not working out.
    • Jerah Milligan was planned to be the guest for the episode on True Lies but there were schedule conflicts.
    • In place of the "Ben's Choice" palate cleanser episodes in-between series, the guys floated around doing a trilogy of "Family" episodes where they would each bring on a relative as a guest to talk about a movie that meant a lot to them. Griffin did this with his sister Romilly (to talk The Devil Wears Prada) and David with his brother Joey (talking about Lost in Space). There were talks about Ben potentially bringing on his father, but on the Ratatouille episode (which had Romilly and Joey on as guests together), they mentioned that Ben's dad wasn't into the idea.

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