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Trivia / Blade: The Series

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  • The Other Darrin:
    • Kirk Jones replaced Wesley Snipes in the title role for the television series.
    • The same goes in the Japanese dub, as Hisao Egawa voiced the titular hero, rather than Akio Ohtsuka from the films. This is especially strange here, as Ohtsuka has voiced him in all the films and also including the animated adaptation.
    • This also happens in the Latin American Spanish dub, but this time, the dub was done in Argentina, rather than Mexico from the films.
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  • Recycled: The Series: Based fully on the films.
  • Screwed by the Network: While it wasn't mindblowingly great, it was still a decent TV show with what you'd expect to see from something bearing the name Blade. Sadly Spike TV didn't see it that way from the ratings and pulled the plug. Leaving the series unresolved.


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