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Trivia / Blade & Soul

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The video game:

  • Executive Meddling: According to the localization team, the NA version of Blade and Soul was affected by this, which is one of the reasons the localization is spotty, to say the least. One notable example are the words "jyan" and "jyansei", used to describe (for lack of better terms) "warriors with great potential" and "master warriors" respectively, which are entirely made up at the behest of the execs, who apparently wanted the words to be (paraphrased) "easier for Westerners to digest" but still sound like they belong in a martial arts fantasy setting.
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  • Schedule Slip: NCsoft has been accused of this by western gamers, due to nothing being said about the game's development for years since the announcement of the western version (the Korean version had a similar experience; see "Timeline" note). During that time, the official website also never really updated, so there wasn't even any indication that the game was being worked on at all. This was averted in July 2015, when the western version was finally announced as being in development, along with the website getting a revamp and regular updates, as well as NC Soft utilizing social media sites like Twitter to keep gamers updated on its progress until its release in 2016.Timeline 

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