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Trivia / Blacula

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  • Acting for Two: Vonetta McGee plays Mamuwalde's doomed bride Luva as well as her 1972 lookalike Tina.
  • Actor-Inspired Element: William Marshall worked carefully with the producers to make sure his character had some dignity, resulting in a name change from 'Andrew Brown' to 'Prince Mamuwalde' and a backstory of being an African prince who'd succumbed to vampirism.
  • Dark Horse Casting: William Marshall was mainly a Shakespearean actor who had barely done any films when he was cast in the title role.
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  • Follow the Leader: This film's runaway success popularized many other Black-themed horrors.
  • Production Posse: Most of the crew who worked on Count Yorga and its sequel likewise worked on the Blacula movies.
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