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Trivia / Black Lightning

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  • Executive Meddling: Apparently, this is why he didn't appear outside of comics for a long time (and why there was a Fountain of Expies). However, when the makers of Batman: The Brave and the Bold looked into it, they couldn't find out why exactly it was that way, so he was finally allowed to appear in outside media. He's since cameoed as a member of the Justice League in Young Justice, and has his own live-action show on The CW.
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    • Electric Black Guy
  • Fountain of Expies: Ever noticed how it seems like there are an awful lot of African-American superheroes with electricity powers? That's because most of them are either directly related to Black Lightning (his daughter Lightning), are Captain Ersatz versions of him (Black Vulcan, Soul Power) or deliberate Shout Outs (Static, Volt). An episode of Justice League Unlimited even featured Expies of the Superfriends, making the character Juice (the Black Vulcan equivalent) an Expy of an Expy.