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Trivia / Black Beauty

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The novel:

  • B-Team Sequel: Phyllis Briggs wrote a sequel called Son of Black Beauty, published in 1950.
  • Follow the Leader: Inspired many similar books, especially those told from the perspective of the animal. Beautiful Joe is one such book - about a dog that had similar results on the public.
  • One-Book Author: This was Anna Sewell's only novel. Her health was declining while she was writing it, and she died only five months after it was published. She did however live long enough to see it become a success.
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  • The Red Stapler: Inverted. The bearing rein went out of fashion almost immediately after the book was published. It's still in use as the 'check rein,' but it's primarily a piece of safety equipment and is never tightened to the extent depicted in the books.
  • Write What You Know: Anna Sewell had to rely on ponies and horses to get around in her youth, and this brought her attention to how cruel the treatment of them could be.


The 1994 film:

  • Acclaimed Flop: Made only $4 million at the Box Office, but is considered one of the best adaptations of the novel.
  • Advertised Extra: Sean Bean gets top billing but only appears in the first part of the film, and even then is not featured that much.
  • Deleted Role: James Cosmo had his part cut.
  • Fake Brit: Alan Cumming is Scottish, putting on an Oop North accent for Beauty.
  • Follow the Leader: The film quite clearly follows the influence of the 1993 adaptation of The Secret Garden, adapting a Victorian children's novel with a similar visual style, casting 'name' actors in smaller roles and emphasising the Oop North setting. Andrew Knott who played Dickon in the former plays the young Joe in this. It was also directed by Caroline Thompson, who wrote the screenplay for The Secret Garden.
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