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  • Acting for Two: The six leads all play multiple roles, as is usual for them. Even Mathew Baynton, who is mostly playing Bill, manages to squeeze in a couple of additional roles whilst Larry Rickard probably gets the most.
    • Lampshaded on the theatrical poster, on which Rickard appears four times (twice as the same character ) and Jim Howick appears twice.
  • Fake Nationality: The entire cast is British, several of the characters they play are Spanish. Then when the Spaniards pose as Englishmen, we end up with English actors playing Spanish guys pretending to be English, which is the sort of thing Shakespeare himself might have done.
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  • Production Posse: The six leads are now an established team.
  • Real-Life Relative: In Real Life, Helen McCrory (Elizabeth I) and Damian Lewis (Sir Richard Hawkins) were married, until her death in April 2021.
  • Written by Cast Member: Written by Ben Willbond and Larry Rickard, the two main writers in the troupe.