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General trivia:

  • It's no secret that the Big Show has acromegaly, the same condition that André the Giant suffered from. This is the reason for The Big Show's huge size. Unlike Andre however, he actually got treated for it.

Specific trivia:

  • Fan Nickname: The Big Slow, originally coined by The Rock.
    • Pig Slow, according to Scott Keith, who has no room to talk.
  • He Also Did: Appeared as a character of the week on Burn Notice and Royal Pains.
  • Old Shame:
    • Show is still embarrassed about WCW booking him as "Andre the Giant's son" in his early matches there, to the extent that to this day he still gets eager fans telling him how much they loved... his dad.
    • His run as a whole in WCW is this, as he hated the negative work environment as well as the constant back-and-forth backstage politics that made it difficult for him to work a match properly. Since he left for the WWF, he's been very vocal about his disgust working in WCW, even noting at one point that despite being WCW Champion for a year, he was being paid less than Hulk Hogan and other veteran talent who defected from WWF.
    • Show looks back negatively on his run in WWE's ECW brand, despite the fact that he's the only wrestler to hold the WWE Championship, WCW Championship and ECW Championshipnote . He's especially embarrassed by his match against Batista at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, as he had to deal with the fans booing and heckling throughout the whole match.
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  • Promoted Fanboy: Show was a huge Professional Wrestling fan in his youth. His favorite wrestler was Arn Anderson. He stated that he would like Anderson to induct him into the Hall of Fame some day.

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