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Trivia / Big Bang

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  • Fan Community Nicknames: VIPs. Their colors are black and gold/yellow and their lightstick symbol is a crown
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Seungri is Baby Panda for his constant dark circles.
    • T.O.P. is often called Bingu Top, meaning dumb or spacey.
    • Daesung is called a Smiling Angel for his sunny grin and sweet personality
    • Taeyang is Bae or Bae Bae from his real name, Young-Bae. And you know, he's a bae.
    • G-Dragon is often just Ji or G.
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  • What Could Have Been: Could you imagine if Big Bang was a 6-member group? So-1 was also a member that trained with fellow Big Bang members but he was cut after losing an elmination battle to Seungri. Luckily he eventually went on to become a member of B2ST under his real name Hyunseung.

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