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Trivia / Ben 10: Plumbers of Bellwood

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  • Aluminium Christmas Trees: Some people would think that Hope (who is Caucasian) disgusing herself as a Geisha in one episode is a sign of Yellowface or cultural appropriation. What they do not know is that non-Japanese women as geishas have actually happened in real life.
  • Creator Backlash: After season five, the creator expressed his dissatisfaction about having Ben ending up with Kai, by saying that it was like Because Destiny Says So and that he decided to break them up in the end of season four because he felt that it was getting a bit too much as he began to realise that having the two together in Dark Endgame was a mistake.
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  • Creator's Pest: The author has said that he hates Will Harangue and intentionally left him Put on a Bus to Hell than being Killed Off for Real.
  • Meaningful Release Date: Averted. The final two-part episode was posted a week before the 10th anniversary of the airing of the first episode of The Original Series "And Then There Were Ten".
  • Reality Subtext: Max's death from cancer in the season five premiere mirrors how the creator felt after losing his grandfather to cancer in September 2014 and losing his maternal grandmother in December 2006 (three days after his tenth birthday), eight years before starting to work on the fanfic.
  • Refitted for Sequel: The original idea for Alien Force titled Hero Generation has been reused for the fanfiction.
  • Schedule Slip: It was prone to this but it managed to avert the Dead Fic trope.
  • What Could Have Been: The series was going to last for 130 episodes, but on November 2014, it was extended to six seasons as the creator decided to have every season starting from season three contain 30 episodes, hence it will be 172 episodes. However on December 2014, it was ultimately extended to 180 episodes before ultimately extended to 200 episodes.
    • There are so many scrapped ideas and episodes, which can be found on the creator's DeviantArt journal entry.
    • The creator said in a journal entry prior to the end, that he was planning to do a timeline of events that would feature events from the previous three series as well.
  • Word of God: The creator has said that Vilgax is dead for good following after his ultimate defeat in "Click and Zoom, Part Four" and that he wanted to avoid the Joker Immunity and Death Is Cheap tropes for the character as he felt that he didn't want to bring back the character for a future story arc since he didn't want to repeat the process of having Vilgax apparently killed off and then turned out be alive all along, as it happened in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
    • He has also stated that he avoided the fandom controversy that Kai loved Ben for his alien forms, not for himself as in Dark Endgame, Kai loves Ben for himself, not for his alien forms.
    • Omniverse is an alternate universe, hence why this fanfic continues after Ultimate Alien and ignores the divisive TV series.
    • Ben's controversial jerkish characterisation is phased out and has been portrayed as a much darker and serious hero.
    • The romantic drama has been downplayed, hence there will be no romantic scenes taking over episodes. Hence this is why Ben and Kai's romantic scenes are small and only take two minutes of the episode.
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    • The fanfic is not either a Hate Fic or a Dark Fic to Omniverse and the author has apologised for confusing fans that it was, when in actuality is his Fan Sequel to Ultimate Alien.
    • Julie's time at the Flame Keepers' Circle isn't mentioned in the fanfic and that it is considered an Old Shame for her, since she now regrets joining the cult and blames herself for not believing Ben as it was responsible for her returning back into the Scrappy heap since fans didn't like her saying that she had no regrets of joining the cult even after finding out it was evil or having a Never My Fault attitude because of that.


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