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Trivia / Before Sunrise

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  • Career Resurrection: Richard Linklater's career had been in the toilet for several years prior to making Before Midnight. Between the success of that film and the following year's Boyhood, it looks like his career may be back on track.
  • The Cast Showoff: Julie Delpy is an accomplished solo musician. She not only plays guitar and sings, but she wrote the song that Celine plays for Jesse, "A Waltz for a Night", as well as two others that appear elsewhere in the film.
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  • Follow the Leader: Follows in the footsteps of My Dinner with Andre.
  • In Memoriam: Dedicated to a woman Richard Linklater had once met and spent an evening with called Amy Lehrhaupt, who inspired the original Before Sunrise. Although she actually died in 1994 while the first film was in production Linklater did not find out from her family that she had died until 2009.
  • Reality Subtext: The first film was born from the night Richard Linklater spent with a woman named Amy in Philadelphia. Unlike Jesse and Celine, they exchanged contact info and tried the long distance relationship, but things fizzled out, so the ending of Before Sunrise became Linklater's idealised version of events. Linklater admitted later that he hoped Amy would see the film and get in contact, but that never happened. A decade later, that idealised notion became part of Before Sunset, in which Jesse wrote a novel about the events of the previous film and Celine read it and got in contact. It wasn't until 2009 that Linklater learned Amy had passed away fifteen years earlier, and thus never saw the original film.
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  • Sequel Gap: Nine years between the first and second films. Another nine years between the second and third films.


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