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Trivia / Beauty and the Beast (1987)

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  • Creator's Oddball: A dramatic production from Witt-Thomas Productions, who were much better known for creating and producing sitcoms.
  • Disabled Character, Disabled Actor: The episode "Sticks and Stones" was quietly groundbreaking, with scenes involving only deaf characters being presented with subtitles and on-screen silence instead of having a hearing character translate or dubbing in voices. Even background music was absent. This was something the deaf actors involved, especially Terrylene (who played Laura), fought hard for, not wanting their language to be given second-class status or for their "voices" to be obscured by those of other actors.
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  • Playing Against Type: Somewhat in reverse for Ron Perlman. In this show he conclusively showed that he could do subtle drama very well, but subsequently got invariably Typecast as a grim yet wisecracking badass, virtually without exception. Even his Hellboy character spends more time making deadpan quips and kicking the butts of his enemies than romancing his partner Liz.