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  • Author Existence Failure: When Joe Colquhoun's health began failing, there were several delays in the later episodes of Charley's War. Out of respect, the strip ended when he felt he could no longer continue, a year before his death.
  • Screwed by the Network: The death of the magazine can be traced to when the Action Force name and property was suddenly revoked and given to Marvel Comics' UK branch. Why? Because Hasbro, creators of G.I. Joe, of which Action Force (and its' predecessor/successor Action Man) was a European counterpart/clone of, bought AF's company Palitoy, and then gave the rights to Marvel to make it closer to the Real American Hero line in the US (indeed, the whole thing wound up becoming G.I. Joe a few years later, in an awkward transitional period that saw Baron Ironblood becoming Cobra Commander).
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  • Post-Script Season: Despite the war ending, Charley doesn't get to leave the army as intended immediately, since Snell gets him "volunteered" into fighting in the Russian Civil War. Once the British Army pulls out of that, there's a Time Skip to the Distant Finale with Charley on the dole as Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany. The World War II stories also fall under this, taking Charley up to the evacuation at Dunkirk.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Charley's War was intended to be part of a century-spanning Generational Saga, continuing on with Charley's son as The Protagonist in World War II. Charley's son did appear in the World War II stories that were published, but as a supporting character who has a Heroic BSoD. Charley's grandson was intended to be a third protagonist stationed in Northern Ireland during The Troubles.
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    • Blue would have featured throughout the saga, first returning to fight for the Irish Republic as a member of the IRA during the first Troubles in 1920. In the end he never reappeared after the Étaples mutiny, and we never got to see Charley in Ireland.
    • Jack was supposed to get more stories, one of which would have covered the Battle Of Jutland, but poor feedback from readers regarding Jack's adventures in the Battle Of The Falklands led to this being dropped, much to the disappointment of Pat Mills.


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