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Trivia / Batman: The Animated Series E12 "It's Never Too Late"

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: The creators liked this one:
    Bruce Timm: It's a real witty script and Boyd Kirkland did a great job directing it. His storyboards were staged brilliantly. There's this one great shot on the storyboard. You're looking at a church and the camera pans to where a restaurant is. I found that it was the first time I actually thought of Gotham as a real place. It's easy for the city to be just a backdrop, but here it felt like it had geography.

    Boyd Kirkland: I like shows that get into human dilemmas where you see into characters' minds. This is one of my favorite shows. Another reason I like this so much, is that Batman is not driving around playing catch-up. He knows what's going on and is behind-the-scenes manipulating the situation to serve his ends. To me, this is the epitome of how Batman should be portrayed.

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