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Trivia / Batman (Rebirth)

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  • Creator Backlash: Matt Wagner was not happy about his son being replaced as his colorist for Issue #54 and declared his disdain for ever agreeing to draw it.
  • Executive Meddling: According to Tom King, he meant for Alfred's death to be a fake-out but DC higher-ups made him do it for real.
  • Fan Nickname: The moment the alternate timeline seen in "The Gift" was revealed, many fans dubbed it "Batpoint".
  • I Knew It!: Fans were extremely skeptical of the idea that Catwoman could have killed 237 men since such excessive and needless violence was simply grossly out of character for her. Naturally, they were right. Turns out she was Taking the Heat for her close friend, Holly Robinson, who murdered those 237 men since they were part of a terrorist group that destroyed the orphanage that she and Selina grew up in.
  • Jossed: Before the series officially released there were two popular theories about Gotham and Gotham Girl that were ultimately disproved.
    • Due to the fact the DC Rebirth one-shot revealed connections to Watchmen with Batman finding the Comedian's button and showing Doctor Manhattan was responsible for the New 52 and the disappearance of Wally West it was theorized that Gotham and Gotham Girl would turn out to be Nite-Owl and Silk Spectre. Which was disproved when they turned out to be original characters.
    • With the Tag Line of the series being "Batman vs Gotham" and some of promo material alluding to Gotham being saved from Batman, it was thought that Gotham and Girl would be antagonists who want to replace Batman, this was proven false when the series showed that they both genuinely want to heroes and have tons of respect towards Batman with him actually being their main inspiration.
  • What Could Have Been: Tom King's run was meant to run for 100 issues, not including specials and annuals. It will instead end at issue 85 but continue over in Batman/Catwoman. Despite one news website claiming a number of reasonings, including low sales and Executive Meddling, it turns out that Tom King had other projects that would have made continuing working on the main title unfeasible.

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