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  • Creator Backlash: On seeing the pilot, Jerry Goldsmith tried to get out of scoring it because he thought it was horrible (a view critics shared). However, he was convinced to write the theme tune and score the pilot — ultimately this ran longer than any of his other series (with the exception of The Waltons).
  • The Danza: In "Twenty Million Alibis," guest star Gary Owens plays... a TV personality called Gary.
  • Dueling Shows:
    • Griff, starring Lorne Greene as a veteran private detective (who in the pilot also looks for the killer of his son). Unlike Barnaby Jones, this was much less successful (it was cancelled midseason).
    • In its last season, ABC programmed fellow Quinn Martin Production The Streets of San Francisco opposite Barnaby on CBS, thinking that the show had run its course. As it happened, Barnaby beat Streets in the ratings and went on to more years in production.
  • Playing Against Type: Buddy Ebsen went straight from playing a dimwitted mountain man to playing an intelligent private investigator practically overnight- this may have helped prevent him from being typecast the way many of the other Beverly Hillbillies actors suffered.
  • Those Two Actors: Lee Meriwther's colleagues from The Time Tunnel Whit Bissell and John Zaremba turn up in "Murder In The Doll's House" and "Image In A Cracked Mirror" respectively.
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  • What Could Have Been: Plans were made to have a crossover with the Beverly Hillbillies which would've featured Buddy Ebsen playing both Barnaby and Jed Clampett. The proposed plot is unknown, but no doubt would've involved criminals holding Jed for ransom or something similar. This didn't happen for various reasons, though the idea was revived for Ebsen's brief cameo in the Beverly Hillbillies remake film.


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