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Trivia / Barefoot Gen

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  • Author Existence Failure: Tragic semi-example: The 10th volume ends with the words "End of Part 1". Keiji Nakazawa had always intended to write a "Part 2" that would chronicle Gen's life in Tokyo, but he was forced to scrap these plans for good in 2009 due to developing cataracts and vision problems. He died of cancer just three years later.
  • Reality Subtext: Barefoot Gen is basically an adaptation of Keiji Nakazawa's life in Hiroshima after the atomic bomb as both of them lost their family from a burning house except for his mother, elder brother, and infant sister who died from malnutrition stemming from food shortages.
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  • They Also Did: The first anime film reached theaters the same week as Unico in the Island of Magic, another Madhouse production using many of the same staff and a source of a different kind of Nightmare Fuel. Barefoot Gen 2 was even directed by Toshio Hirata, who had directed The Fantastic Adventures of Unico five years earlier.

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