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Trivia / Bad Day L.A.

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  • Creator Killer: This was The Mauretania Import Export Company's note  only game, as the company was merged with American McGee's own company Spicy Horse four years after the game's critical and commercial failure.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The game was never re-release on digital retailers like Steam and Given the game's poor reputation, physical copies can easily be found on eBay and flea-markets for very cheap.
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  • No Budget: The game cost less than a million dollars to make, if its outdated graphics, poor sound design, and no-name voice actors could gave anything a consideration.
  • Old Shame: American McGee later admitted that the game was terrible.
  • Troubled Production: American McGee revealed on the GFW Radio podcast that the game went through a tumultuous development process. The game was running on a 2D top down engine mainly used for theme park simulations. It was then re-purposed to run as a polygonal third person engine that was greeted with numerous issues. The budget was less than $1 million and was marketed as a casual friendly game with an M rating. Ultimately he thought the game was a good idea that was executed poorly.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The protagonist is an expy of Dave Chappelle, other supporting characters are parodies of Paris Hilton and George W. Bush, the Wanted Meter is based on the color-coded (and oft-mocked) Homeland Security Advisory System instituted after 9/11 and quietly replaced during the Obama administration, and much of the humor is based on the fears and political controversies of the mid-2000s, including terrorism, Latin American immigration, and same-sex marriage.
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  • What Could Have Been: Was also planned for the original Xbox, but was scrapped due to being released too-late in the console's lifespan


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