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  • Name's the Same: Dr. Know, the Bad Brains guitarist, is not to be confused with Dr. Know, a Californian Hardcore Punk band who formed just before Bad Brains issued their first studio recording. Dr. Know is also a television program about debunking misconceptions about personal health that aired on The Discovery Health Channel, as well as a fictional AI program in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. All of the above were named as a pun on Dr. No and its title character.
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  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Partway through the sessions for I Against I, H.R. was jailed for a few months on charges of marijuana distribution - At the Record Producer's suggestion, he recorded the vocals to "Sacred Love" over the phone to help hasten the album's completion. This is why the vocals on the studio version have a distorted quality to them not present on any other song on the album.
  • What Could Have Been: The 1989 album Quickness was very nearly released without H.R.: Original members Daryl Jenifer and Dr. Know entered the studio with touring members Taj Singleton (vocals) and Mackie Jayson (drums), and completed all of the songs with lyrics and melodies written by Singleton. Just before mastering the album, H.R. and Earl Hudson rejoined the band, Singleton's contributions were removed, and H.R. added totally different lyrics and vocal melodies to the music the band had already written without him. Earl Hudson didn't record any new drum parts, though his picture was on the cover and he was credited for drums instead of Mackie Jayson.

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